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- S9 License Lawyers Network: Through our collaboration with S9 License Lawyers worldwide, we have established a strong network of legal professionals with expertise in various jurisdictions, enabling us to provide comprehensive legal support globally.

- Government Financial Agencies: We work closely with government financial agencies in every country to ensure regulatory compliance, facilitate investigations, and recover assets related to financial crimes, fostering a secure and transparent financial environment.

Investor Education and Trust Building

In addition to our legal services, we are dedicated to educating investors on how the international financial system law works. By providing insights, guidance, and resources, we aim to empower investors with knowledge and regain their confidence and trust in the international financial system. Through transparency, education, and ethical practices, we strive to create a more secure and trustworthy financial environment for investors worldwide.

Consultation Services

Book a consultation with Hideyoshi Tibay Lee Law Associates today to discuss your legal needs, explore strategic solutions, and receive expert guidance on international financial system law, funds recovery, and financial fraud matters. Our team is ready to assist you in navigating the complexities of the global financial landscape and protecting your interests with integrity and expertise.



1. International Financial System Law: Our firm excels in navigating the complexities of international financial regulations, ensuring compliance, and providing expert legal counsel on matters related to global financial systems and transactions.

2. Funds Location Recovery and Repatriation: We specialize in locating and recovering funds that have been misappropriated or involved in financial fraud, facilitating their repatriation to their rightful owners through legal channels.

3. International Financial Fraud: With a focus on combating financial fraud on an international scale, we offer comprehensive legal services to investigate, prosecute, and recover assets involved in fraudulent activities across borders.

Vision Statement

To be a trusted and respected legal partner in the fight against financial fraud, ensuring the protection of financial assets, promoting ethical practices, and fostering financial stability on a global scale.

Core Values

- Integrity
- Excellence
- Collaboration
- Accountability
- Client-Centered Approach

Mission Statement

Our mission is to uphold integrity, transparency, and justice in the international financial landscape by providing expert legal services, advocating for financial accountability, and safeguarding the interests of our clients worldwide.